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A Vehicle for Physical Education

Physical educators will find that the Trikke 3-wheelers provide fun and satisfying challenges for students of all skill levels, while enhancing overall health and well-being by utilizing all the major muscle groups and developing cardiovascular fitness in a low-impact and mentally engaging manner. Coordination, balance and agility are also developed as students learn the importance of turning, leaning and transferring weight at just the right time to create the forward momentum. As well, each student will learn confidence as they master this completely new and fun method of propulsion that can be enjoyed for the rest of their life, all the while enhancing their muscle strength, muscle endurance, compressibility fitness, and overall well-being.

Engaging Students Through Fun Activity

If you have fun on your side, the battle's already half over. If you don't, it's going to be tough going for a lot of students. The most common result from riding a Trikke 3CV is fun, that's why many have come to call the Trikke 3CV The Ultimate Fun Fitness Machine. Students will be getting a thrill from carving a series of deep turns or mastering a new maneuver, all the while getting a phenomenal full-body, cardiorespiratory workout. While the Trikke 3-wheelers can be used in a more competitive format, we have found that in the early stages, it is best for the encouragement of all students, if they are only competing with themselves, so as not to alienate students of lesser natural athletic ability. In this way, all kids can experience an activity that promotes their physical and emotional health and fitness for life.

You can reach us at:

Trikke India
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+91 9819922093