Trikke Fitness

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Research has shown that we all need around 30 minutes of exercise per day. This prevents obesities and many other health issues. With Trikke you can, in contrast to a fitness club, exercise outdoors and whenever or wherever you want. Riding aTrikke is low impact fitness or, when push it, a total bodywork-out.


What most riders love about the Trikke is that you combine fun with fitness in a full-body work-out. You can start with just your arms, or you can let your arms relax and switch to just a leg workout, or use a combination of everything: arms, legs, butt, abs, glutes etc. Research in the Netherlands has shown that you can burn between 500 and 1000 kcal per hour. A follow-up study in the USA has shown that you use almost all muscles to propel a Trikke.

Trikke Fitness Quicktab

The Trikke has been called "the fitness machine that makes exercise seem more like fun than exercise."

So how does a body benefit from Trikke's three-wheel carving vehicles? Here are just some of the ways a Trikke can help meet your fitness needs:

Engages Your Entire Body

From head to toe, riding a Trikke gets your whole body involved. Your arms are moving, your legs are working, your core is turning, all of which translates into a full-body workout like no other.

Engages Your Brain, Too!

Because riding a Trikke involves crossing the midline, your brain also gets into the action, helping to keep your noggin engaged and active.

Provides Great Cardio Exercise

What better way to get your lungs and heart involved than by using your entire body? The Trikke gets you moving in a way that's natural and intuitive, making your want more!

No Sports Background Needed

Riding a Trikke is simple. If you can stand on your own two feet and turn side to side, you, too, can ride a Trikke.

No Impact Exercise

When riding a Trikke, there's no jumping up and down and landing on your joints repeatedly. In fact, there's little or no impact at all!

A Great Way to Lose Weight

Studies have shown that riding a Trikke burns over 650 calories an hour while riding at a speed of 11 mph.

Combines Strength Training and Cross Training

Because your muscles and cardiovascular system are engaged, riding a Trikke means you're getting the best of both worlds: strength training and cross training.

Enhances Balance and Coordination

When standing on a Trikke, you're standing on your own two feet, which means, as you ride, you're also working on your balance and coordination.

Good for People from ages 3 to 70

Whether it's the very young or the young at heart, Trikkes can be ridden by anyone. President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosyln Carter are both avid Trikke riders and they're in their mid 80s!

Can Be Used in Areas Big and Small

Riding a Trikke is fun, whether you're "rocking and rolling" on a wide open bike path, a driveway, or in a family garage during winter.

Electric Trikke vs. Electric Bike

Which One Should You Consider?

The world has been a bike world for roughly 150 years, so much so that an early rite of passage for many a child is learning how to ride a bicycle. So perhaps it's only natural that an electric bike comes to mind when choosing a personal electric vehicle. But is it the smartest choice? The greenest choice? The healthiest choice?
Personal electric vehicles, or PEVs, are re-shaping the way the world meets its transportation needs, providing cleaner, more affordable and more efficient mobility.
Relatively new to the field is the battery-powered, three-wheeled Trikke, a personal electric vehicle that offers an outstanding blend of function, performance and design.
In many ways, when compared to one another, the electric Trikke is a world apart from the electric bike:


Riding in an active, standing position on a Trikke EV allows you to maintain a more nature posture, keeping your spine in perfect alignment while giving support to your natural shock absorbers, your legs. Additionally, your upper body is firmly engaged.

Benefits of a Carving Vehicle

Besides being cool and fun, the Trikke EV provides at least 50% more maneuverability than an e-bike. The cambering mechanism allows you to lean into a turn, which translates into higher speed around corners, an easier change of direction (swerving) and improved safety.


The Trikke EV has no gear shifter, no derailleur, no sprockets, no chain, no pedals, no seat and no grease parts, which means there's much less to maintain and much less to go wrong.


Trikke EV's fold quickly for transportation and storage. It's easy to toss two, even three, into the back of an average car. That's way more portable than an e-bike.

Easy to Use

With the Trikke EV, you simply hop on, start it up and go. You're already in balance because you're standing on your own two feet, which makes getting on and off is easy. Plus, while stopped, there's no need to step off the Trikke EV. Need to park? The Trikke EV's small size means more options. Or you can carry it with you. The lightweight frame is foldable and easy to handle.

No Discomfort in Your Back Seat

On a Trikke EV, you're in a standing, active-riding position while your legs act as natural shock-absorbers, which means there's absolutely no direct impact or numbness to your spine.

Great Fitness Machine

Trikke's carving vehicles have already produced a lot of success stories on the fitness front. The active ride engages your entire body (not just your legs), and the carving vehicle becomes part of your body, while your body becomes part of the vehicle's dynamics. And since the Trikke EV is a hybrid, you can propelled it with only your body as well – you chose how much you want to exercise.

The Ride

Riding a Trikke is like skiing on pavement, whether you're going in a straight line, a slight wave, or deep carving. The Trikke has been called the joyride of the 21st century. It's intuitive, natural, stable, rhythmic and great fun. Some say it's yoga on wheels.

When's the last time you heard someone say that about an electric bike?

1. How is muscle power used to generate forward momentum?

...The research team found out that for riding a Trikke, these mucle groups are especially in use: Upper leg muscles, Buttock muscles, Upper arm muscles, Shoulder muscles.
In their report the team stressed that you can train these muscles by riding a Trikke and that the joints aren't stressed since there is no impact.

2. What is the energy use when riding a Trikke?

...Concerning the energy use, riding a Trikke is comparable with in line skating, jogging and cross-country skiing. The results of an average male 165lbs (75k) and 5' 7" (1.75m).

mph Time riding Calories Burned
6.2 1 Hour 302
7.8 1 Hour 371
9.3 1 Hour 508
10.9 1 Hour 671

The average speed for power walking is 4.5 to 5.5 miles per hour
The average human running speed is 12mph

3. How do these results compare to other "Fun" sports?

...After the research on the Trikke was done, the comparison with other sports/activities shows us clear figures. We learned already that you burn 500 calories in a one hour Trikke ride, on the easy average speed of 9.3 mph (15 km/hour).

This in comparison with other activities:

Jogging at 4 mph (6-7 km/h) you burn around 350-400 calories per hour.
Aerobics classes burn about 450 calories per hour.
Walking at a normal pace, and playing Golf (without a golf cart), each burn around 250 to 280 calories per hour.
Power walking or Nordic Walking can burn over 400 calories an hour.
So can riding a bicycle or an exercise bike at the gym.
Housework can burn 100 to 200 calories per hour, depending on the activity level.
Inline skating burns around 430 calories per hour.
Cross country Skiing burns around 560 calories per hour.

4. How fast can you learn to ride a Trikke

...As every user experienced, you can ride a Trikke instantly, but propelling it is for some 2nd nature and for some very hard work. But on average what would the learning curve be?
The research team found out that starters can call themselves a 'pro' after 2 hours riding. All starters propel themselves right away and had fun too. In addition, the easy learning curve of riding a Trikke is way better than learning to ride a bike, (inline)skates or skateboard.


The researchers furthermore believe that the Trikke can play a big role in the fight against obesities under children and adults worldwide.

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